Welcome to the Center for Civil War Photography’s website and virtual museum. The CCWP is a non-profit organization devoted to one of the most exciting and compelling areas of Civil War scholarship and discovery. New photographic finds from our nation’s greatest conflict are still being made on a regular basis. Nearly every Civil War soldier had his photograph taken by one of the more than 5,000 American photographers active at the time, and a select group of documentary photographers took thousands of images on the battlefields and in the army camps, often in 3D.

Within this site you will find basic and complex information about Civil War photography and its practioners, as well as reproductions of many war photos. You can also see information about the CCWP, how you can help, and our annual Image of War seminar. We feature an online bookstore with our own Civil War photography publications as well as others. And there’s a page of handy links to other online Civil War photography resources.

CCWP is a private, non-profit organization and we rely on membership donations to help fulfill our mission.  Please consider joining our organization as a member.